Friday, April 30, 2010

My newest kimono goodies :)

Surprisingly I've been pretty good about buying kimono :) After all I already have a rather large collection, so now I only buy pieces that I absolutely love.

Within the past year I developed a fondness for kokeshi dolls designs, or any designs that look similar to kokeshi dolls. As you already can imagine, the kimono below was one of those MUST HAVES :) :)

I absolutely love the designs!

I also immediately knew that for the first outfit I will pair it up with this obi :) Can you guess why lol?

It's a fukuro obi, but it looks pretty informal so I'm not too worried about breaching the formality rules. Plus, since it's longer it makes a perfect otaiko without being too short! This is actually one of the possible outfits I might wear to London EXPO in May. I decided to go in kimono, and knowing me I just couldn't do a 'normal' outfit. So for this outfit, I think the theme will be 'doll', so I'll try to make myself as dool-like as possible ;) I see big bows in my hair in my future! :P

My next win is a geometric design nagoya obi. I even know which kimono I'll try to pair it up with :) Sadly I didn't win an olive green nagoya obi, which would have been puuuuurfect for this kimono but I'm not too upset. Something else will come about, it always does.

And here is the kimono:


  1. lol, when I saw that kimono I thought of you! I'm glad you won it. I think that obi will go perfect with that kimono. I hate it when people say you can't wear the same motif on the obi as the kimono. I don't think it looks odd at all but I know it's a rule....

  2. Aki_fox, I don't think they are the same motif lol. One looks more like a maiko, and the one on obi looks more like a regular girl? But lol even if they were the same motif, I never feel like I HAVE TO FOLLOW EVERY SINGLE RULE out there for kitsuke. ;P So many people agreed that the 'rules' are just a 'recent' addition of the post-WWII, after kimono became used more and more rarely. Plus who's gonna frown at me? ;P