Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so I quit my job.

Yup, the one I was trying to long to get. The one that finally got me my weekends off and allowed me to wear pretty clothes and pretty shoes. Yup, that one. I turned in my resignation notice last Tuesday, and my boss suggested that I move to a different 'branch' to see if I like it there better. Well I did, and today I said so, but in about an hour she called me back saying that the managerial transfer is not possible so I can either A. go back or B. keep my resignation notice. I choose to quit because I do not want to go back.

Oh sure I could have sucked it up and stayed there, but at what point does it become OK to dread going to work? And really, it all boils down to conflicting personalities, but at what point am I the ONLY one at fault. I was told that I am rude and interrupt all the time, that I always have to have the last word in conversation, that I repeat things and it sounds like reciting, that when I tell someone that I'm going to lunch it is too much like reporting because they know my schedule, and they know when I go to lunch. It got to the point where I started talking less, because I didn't want to offend anyone. I started trying to 'escape' the front desk by doing something away from it. Every one of my mistakes, even little ones, were pointed out to me.... and sometimes with the words "this happened before". Really? Then why am I only hearing about it NOW? Or telling me that they thought I was a 'fast learner' because I said so.... (when I brought up that I might be interrupting to repeat stuff when I'm trying to make sure that I understand instructions). Yes fast, but not INSTANT learner, I do need to take notes you know?

Finally I started thinking that it was all my fault for not learning faster, for not knowing the names and faces of all kids in the center, for being insecure in my decisions. And then last Monday it got to the point where I just broke down and said I had enough. My personal happiness and sanity is more important to me, and when a job makes me THAT miserable... I need to leave.


  1. It's good you decided to leave, a job that make you miserable isn't a job worth having (in my books).

  2. Yes, I also think you made the right decision. So many times I hear colleagues at different places where I've worked complain so much. I tell them they should consider leaving. Find something that makes you happy. One should never stay in a job if it's driving you mad.

  3. Hope you'll find a new job, making you happy soon.

  4. More drama piles up. The other CDC where I currently work wants me to stay there, so the assistant-director called up someone higher up and asked why can't I stay with them (plus even before I turned in my notice, I was supposedly supposed to come over there after my CDC closed for renovations). Not long after that, my old boss called quite angry wanting to verify some info. She asked me 2 questions: were my hours cut and she didn't pay me, and did she offer me my old job back.

    I came home so upset. I didn't keep it a secret WHY I left, but never ever EVER had I said anything about anyone cutting my hours or not paying. And yes, she offered for me to come back but it was not an option for me, or I wouldn't have left otherwise. Not it makes me just want to leave all that more so that I will not be part of this drama that I somehow, unintentionally created. Screw the future references and stuff. I just need to survive till Tuesday.

  5. Clearly your old boss is part of the problem. You should:
    A. Talk more not less.
    B. Get the job you want from the company away from the old boss.
    C. Maintain proper decorum and boundaries and insist that others maintain those as well.

  6. There is nothing like quitting a job that is makes you hate yourself when there is nothing wrong with you.

    Spend a couple of days finding yourself before finding a job.