Thursday, June 24, 2010

Upcoming events

I'm loving my new schedule at work! Not so much with actual job, but having weekends off makes me able to put up with a lot more stuff, that's why I'm not complaining lol. So this Saturday I will be going to the Okinawan Day in London and of course I will wear a kimono. Not to long ago I was reorganizing my collection, and I came by a ro komon that I completely forgot about! So I will be wearing it :) :) Hope it won't be too hot lol.

Then on July 10 I will be going to Maeda Gakuen Japanese Summer Festival. It sounds like a lot of fun and I never been to an actual Japanese Summer Festival. I even bought a new yukata and hanhaba obi specifically for this purpose, as well as whole bunch of Uchiwa. YUP, going yukata all the way! Normally I don't like yukata much but since this is an actual summer festival, and people wear yukata to those, I decided to join the crowd. ;P


  1. This should be a fun event. I hear that it is small but good. I'm going to have to decide which yukata I want to wear. Maybe hanabi? Or, I've got a pretty yellow one that I've never worn. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

  2. I'm hoping the above yukata will arrive in time. If not, I have about 5 to choose from lol ;) :) I'm looking forward to the event too! Even if it turns out ok, we can still have a fun day out :)

  3. I've just bought my train ticket so looks like I'll arrive in London just before 10am. I think it takes about 30 minutes by tube to get to Acton. I've only ever driven through Acton so have never spent any time there.