Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Arrived #8

Hello Everyone,

Looking at my Just Arrived posts you would think that all I do is shop for kimono... well it's kinda true. I just take a while to shop and don't post until I get my hands on the items. I lost couple of pretty nice kimono to SAL shipping, so I don't like to announce to the whole world that I won something only for it not to arrive :(

I'm not a fan of asanoha usually, but this one is an exception... must be the stripes :) Oh, and it's ro too!

This gorgeous fukuro obi will match one of my furisode perfectly!

I was particularly excited about this set of vintage obijime, because they seemed to be one of those "fat" kinds. Sure enough, every single one of them is wider than normal!
These two are my favorites and probably the widest of the set. The top one could be worn two ways, although it might not have been intended that way since the light pink side is clearly more textured. Regardless, I plan on wearing both sides :) The bottom one is so deceptively simple, but in real life it's gorgeous salmon pink & turquoise! Naomi would be proud of that one! Oh, and it matches my nails AND my tshirt that I'm wearing right now :)
  Again, the bottom one could be worn two ways so I'm showing both sides.
 The one with the polka dots is my third favorite. It actually has the leaf pattern towards the ends, and the polka dots towards the middle. I bet it will look gorgeous worn!
 Another sha kimono for me! I could never have enough summer weight kimono.

As always, I could not pass up more dressing accessories. I got a set of different white stretched tabi and another set of obi itas. If only I could be that lucky with winning other types of dressing accessories!

Have you got anything new in the mail lately?

~ Lyuba

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