Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SALE to fund my secret kimono projects

Some of you might have seen this already on Facebook and Tublr, but I've decided to sell off more of my collection to fund my secret kimono projects. On my immediate To Buy list is a fancy dress form that has both arms AND head. My blog will benefit too, since I'll be able to do coordination posts from now on... because I'm not doing flat (on the floor) coordinations anymore. They are a great pain in the behind to photograph at home and I can't show off my hats that well.

Anyways, here are some of the items I've added. You can click on the caption and it will take you to the item. There are more items in the SALE album, so please check out the rest too! 
Reversible cotton chuya obi
Dark blue nagoya obi
Greyish-olive-green vintage nagoya obi
Magenta hitoe komon
Vintage striped komon
This kimono may or may not appear in one of my secret projects... ;P
Beige stylized roses tsukesage
Orange komon
Beige and orange maple leaf komon
Black and red plaid kimono & haori set
Grey geometric komon
Men's juban
Pink juban

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