Friday, January 27, 2012

Strawberries, Kimono, and Mittens

Hello Everyone,

Last week was pretty FUGLY here in UK, with lots of rain, so I didn't end up wearing kimono at all. Actually, on Sunday it was pretty, but I had zero motivation to do anything, so this week I'll have to wear kimono twice to make up for last week.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a photo with one of my cats, Mittens. She is such a nice kimono accessory, and she matches my overall outfit too! Too bad that Mittens has her own thoughts about being a kimono accessory :) At least she stays still enough to take a good photo (unlike some other kitties I have.... not going point fingers at anyone, Echo!).

I'm wearing one of my latest kimono again, which turned out so much brighter and prettier in real life than I thought it would. Immediately I knew that I needs some bold obi to go with it, and originally I was going to wear my Union Jack with it but then changed my mind in favor of this strawberry tsuke obi. It is the latest tsuke obi I've made, and I wanted to try it out so bad, so I'll know how it behaves. Well it behaves very well, except that I am not really good at tying those stupid tsuke obi!!!!! But I'm learning :)

Haneri is handmade from cotton and lace. My collar keeps riding up in the back, even if it still looks pretty good up front. I even have fansy-shmancy ties on my juban to make sure that collar is down, but for some reason they don't work as well as I was hoping.

I'm in love with this strawberry pattern! Finally Strawberry Kimono has a strawberry item! Below you can see that I've used regular belt instead of obijime, and I think it works very well to add that modern touch to the outfit. The obiage is one of my favorite ones, and also balances the white of kimono and obi nicely together.

My every-present red boots are present here again!

As you can see, my juban sleeves are much shorter than kimono sleeves, but I didn't want to search for another juban in my uber mess aka kimono room, so I decided not to worry about it too much. Plus, it already had haneri sewn on it.

What do you think about this coordination? Let me know :) And as always, more photos are in my FB group.

~ Lyuba


  1. Очередное потрясающее сочетание цветов и узоров :) Абсолютно влюблена в клубники на поясе (оби, правильно помню?)

    1. Правильно, оби :) Я тоже клубники люблю, наконец-то у меня хоть что-то есть с клубниками для кимоно!

  2. Replies
    1. I won't let you! :P

      Ok... I would it eat it too if I could :)

  3. Your obi is gorgeous! Where did you find it?