Monday, April 23, 2012

Half Failed Attempt at Hanami

This was my failed attempt at the Hanami picnic this weekend. Why failed? Well because of the F$%&# weather! It got so fugly and rainy on Thursday, that after much agonizing I cancelled the picnic and made reservations at the Japanese restaurant. OF COURSE the weather got much prettier on Friday, and absolutely gorgeous on Saturday so we totally could have had a picnic.

I decided against re-scheduling again, and instead went to the park to make sure that no one was there. OF COURSE no one was there (I mean what? People actually show up to these things? Aside from those of my regular friends of course, I know THEY will show up. And aside from those people who told me they can't come. I'm talking about people who saw our Hanami advertised on various websites. Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother?). Since I was already at the part, I had to take a photo commemorating the occasion. Well this is that photo, at least I looked good right?

So the first part of my day was kinda of shitty, until I got to the restaurant and saw all my friends waiting there for me (for over an HOUR!!!!! Stupid GPS too!), and got me some plum wine. I was all happy after that. And I was even happier after I got myself a 1920s style straw cloche hat! So the day wasn't all bad, but dang it was trying to be LOL!

~ Lyuba

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