Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Arrived #10

Hello Everyone,

Just when I resigned myself to more waiting, another parcel had arrived from Shinei. Only one more to go from their pre-Ebay-boot-out time, and the last one will be the most epic! But I'm not showing what I won until the item is safely in my hands. So stay tuned! :)

This kimono has a funny story to go with it. Apparently one of my online friends and I were bidding on the same two kimono. She says that she got a feeling she was bidding against me LOL. I gave up the other kimono in favor of this one, and she gave up this one in favor of the other kimono. How funny is that? But the great thing, at least I have a chance of seeing the other kimono in person, because it's GORGEOUS!

Shinei actually said that this kimono was unwearable, and that it had a hole in the sleeve. I didn't see any holes in photos, and didn't really see anything else unwearable about it, so I decided to take my chances. Once it arrived, I spent a good 5 minutes looking for the said hole, and yes it's there. It's right on the part where the sleeve is touching the hanger, so it's absolutely not visible in photos. It's going to be very easy to fix, so major yay. Otherwise, this kimono is in perfect condition.

Hey, look! More chuya obi! This one is kinda plain, but the other side makes up for it. Although I bet it will look great with some of my busier kimono. In the bright sun I thought it was dark blue like in the pictures, but now that I'm looking at it inside the house, it's deep purple.

I'm way too excited about that sha kimono!

~ Lyuba

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