Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Arrived #9

Hello Everyone,

Just before Shinei got booted off ebay, I ordered some stuff from them. This is one of the three packages that I had on order.

First is a vintage omeshi kimono, and yes more stripes :) The color is a lovely brown-ochre which I love so much. I think my love affair first started with the actual name, ochre, back when I was in Art School in Ukraine. Then I fell in love with the shade itself. I love the addition of bright stripes too, it makes this kimono seem so much more lively.

The texture is great too, you can see some of it here.

When I bid on this chuya obi, I was thinking that I'll use it for a very vintage type outfit. I'm still not sure if I actually like it... but it's growing on me! The patterned part is a very rough feeling silk, which I absolutely love. Plus, the other side is pink, which I don't have in my chuya collection yet.

Show me your latest purchases!

~ Lyuba


  1. I love chuya obi! I have a really cute one with a sakura pattern, but I hardly ever wear it because I'm not sure how best to tie it. How do you usually wear yours?

    1. I wear mine in tsunodashi musubi :) Chuya obi are perfect for it!

      You can see me wearing tsunodashi musubi here: