Friday, May 24, 2013

Just Arrived #27

Sorry everyone for being quiet on my end. May turned out way busier than I expected, with APAH stuff and our vacation. To top everything off, the weather had decided that it's November and not May, so it's cold and rainy. Any time I think of wearing kimono (like today), I look outside and change my mind. The rain wouldn't have scared me back in FL, as there are lots of places to go that are inside, but where I live here, I don't have that many inside places to hang out. 

After coming back from our vacation I went to check the mail and there were two packages from Japan waiting for me! I actually won these things back in February, but it took me forever to pay and then combined with the shipping times, forever to get. My own fault, really, but since I'm a pretty patient person, I was ok with that. 

First comes the set of haori. I mainly wanted it for that green one with what looks like daisies to me. In real life it's more olive colored and not this bright in-your-face green as in the photos. I'm not afraid of in-your-face green, but I prefer olive, so I'm extra happy. 
I immediately knew that this haori would be one of those understated but absolutely gorgeous in real life ones. I love the watercolor effect.
 I'm still on the fence about this haori. I'll have to take it out and look at it again before I decide if I'm going to keep it, because it's just too busy looking for me. I'm not showing the forth haori because I'm definitely not keeping it.
I also got a set of obiage, and looking at this photos there are nothing THAT special. Until I saw the close up (next photo) and I KNEW I had to have it. Oh yeah! Please sign me up for a striped obiage! I already know which kimono I'm going to wear it with ;P

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