Sunday, August 15, 2010

Japanese Art Festival

It's only a week away, but I am still contemplating if I should go there... The last (and only) one I went to in February was a HUGE disappointment! But..... one of the guest for this festival is Yumi Yamamoto, who is a kimono designer, and I would love a chance to meet her. Or at least see her kimono.

Oh decisions, decisions.... :(


  1. I say, if nothing big is involved (like depending on someone taking you by car there, or having to spend the night someplace else than home, or spending a lot of money), GO! I am sure everyone would enjoy seeing you in kimono. (besides, we WANT pics! It's what we live for!):P

  2. Oh no, there is no trouble at all other than me, myself, and I driving to the tube station :) Plus I volunteered myself to be one of the models for kimono show... and looks like it will be super MODERN! I can't wait ;) :) :)