Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Arrived #1

Hello Everyone,

I got some stuff in the mail last week! Actually, I'm *trying* to not buy as much kimono and obi, since I already have sooooo many, but we all know how THAT goes. Instead, I'm trying to focus on more accessories, because there are never enough of those, and they take up way less space!

This kimono doesn't look like much from far away, but boy is it gorgeous up close! Just look at the close up photos. The flowers on there are very season appropriate right now, so I think I'll wear this kimono on Saturday to Japan Day in Cambridge.

Don't ask me why I had to get this BOY'S seaman hat, but I just had to, ok? I can't stay away from cute hats, and I figured I could use it in a pin-up outfit, or nautical inspired kimono outfit. Plus, it's L size, and fits me pretty well. Who cares that it's boy's hat, right?

Oh yeah, I did say that I am trying to buy more accessories. Of course all these obijime are much more gorgeous in life, and the blue one is actually a royal purple. I'm really happy with them.

And, the prize of the whole bunch is this LL silk/synthetic blend GREEN men's kimono! When I saw Shinei listed it, I was prepared to get it no matter what, because my husband loves green, and always wanted a dark green kimono.

Have you gotten anything in the mail lately? :)

~ Lyuba


  1. No but something is comming^^

  2. congratulations on your new stuff, that kimono is fantastic, love the pattern and colors, and I look forward to see your hat in action with a kimono : D

    1. I'm not sure when I'll wear it yet... I don't have a kimono in mind for it yet.

  3. I seem to have a weekly shipment from shinei recently...I have kimono stuffed everywhere like some addict D:

    Love the hat, think of all the seamen jokes!

    1. Lol me too actually... well more like every 2-3 weeks or so, since it takes longer to get to me. I have more stuff coming, I just don't post them until they are safely in my house. After loosing 2 kimono to SAL shipping I don't want to get all excited, only for them to not arrive :(

      So are you sleeping on your kimono yet LOL? And using them as blankets? :P