Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day Kitsuke

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but today is the International Women's Day (well, what's left of it). It is a big deal in Russia and Ukraine (and I'm pretty sure all the other countries in that region too), but it is virtually unknown in the USA. I find that UK people know about it, but they still don't celebrate it as much as Russians or Ukrainians. It is not only the women's day, but also the celebration of spring. Kids bring first flowers to their teachers, and of course everyone gives gifts to the women in their life. I decided to celebrate the day by wearing kimono.

Originally I was going to wear this outfit for Hina Matsuri, but it was fugly that day. Then I've decided to wear it for Japan Day on Satruday, but at the end I figured it will be perfect for today. Instead of my usual boots I'm wearing my newest flats. I fell in love with them instantly, because they reminded me of the shoes that flappers used to wear. I paired them up with my lace tabi socks. Funny, I actually hate how lace tabi look with zori (on me), but I love to use them with boots and other western shoes. :) Kanzashi is by KittyKanzashi, she knows me so well in terms of my favorite colors. I really like how it looks in my hair, I think I should give more kanzashi a chance, provided they are small enough and actually stay in my hair! I have a problem with loosing things :(

Did you do anything special today?

~ Lyuba

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