Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Sunshine? Bring on Kimono Days!

Hello Everyone,

I'm proud to say that I'm doing very well for my once a week kimono challenge! So far I wore kimono 12 times since January 1st! Although I counted 13 weeks that passed since then, I am not too worried about it much.

Yesterday was a kimono day in Lyuba-land again, and because the weather was so nice and HOT (over 70F/20C!!!!), I settled on this super think hitoe kimono. I didn't realize just HOW thin it was until I could see my juban through it :).

This wasn't the obi I originally thought of wearing with this kimono, but I only had it for over 2 years without actually wearing it... so I figured why not? The reason I haven't worn it before is because it's an "easy" obi that is not so easy to put on. I even pre-folded and secured the stupid thing, but even that didn't help much. Now that I've worn it as is, I will have no problem of cutting it up and shaping into proper EASY obi!

I did the off-center obijime on purpose because I didn't want to cover up the design. I also wore my go-to western shoes with lace tabi. The juban is obviously too big for this kimono, but that's just details! Not going to get my whole day ruined from this little detail! :)

As always, you can see more photos in my FB album. :)

~ Lyuba

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