Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Arrived #2

Hello Everyone,

Those who know me pretty well know that I'm not a big fan of yukata. Honestly, I border-line hate them. I think that's because they don't offer that much coolness (and being an ex-Florida resident, I would know) in the hot weather. Plus, they don't require all the nice accessories that I love, like obiage and obijime. So my solution to the problem are ro kimono, which I'm desperately trying to get more of.

When I saw this kimono listed, I knew I had to get it because ZOMG can you see the STRIPES? And it's black and white too! From far away it's nothing special, but in person it is gorgeous! This weekend Hong told me that I must have an eye for hidden gems, because most of the time when I post seller pictures of kimono, they look like nothing special, yet when I wear these same kimono... I think I'm going to agree with her :)

I can't wait to wear this kimono!

~ Lyuba

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