Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Arrived #13

Yay for my happy mailbox! This kimono was actually my first order from Shinei after they got booted off Ebay, and all I can say is that their website is EVIIIIIL! I can't stay away! Thankfully they haven't had anything I like in about a week, so let's hope it continues to be that way. 

When I saw this kimono, I KNEW I had to have it because it's sha, and because I think the flowers on there are poppies. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but poppies are my favorite flowers and I'm in Lyuba heaven anytime I drive by whole fields of poppies in bloom. I sure will miss that when we leave UK. 

I am not actually entirely sure that the flowers are poppies because of how stylized they are, but I will maintain that they are since it's hot enough to wear this kimono right now, and the poppies are blooming left and right. See? Totally in season! In typical Shinei fashion, they said that it was unwearable. It has few pin sized holes in it, but other than that, it's perfect. I doubt anyone will notice those holes to begin with, even when I mend them. 

I'm glad I took a chance with this kimono because it paid off. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky with the ro lily chuya obi I got in last week. I mentioned that it has a pretty big stain that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the description or photos, and here are some pictures of it. I took the photos because I'm actually contacting Shinei about it. I wasn't going to contact them about it at all at first, but then I spend couple of hours trying to figure out how to tie the damn obi (it's hikinuki, so pattern is upside down), figured out how to hide the stain, figured out some other damages might not get hidden (but I knew about them from the photos, so it's ok), remembered that I spent more than "usual" on this obi, still didn't figure out how to tie it and got really angry at the world. Hence an email to Shinei saying that I'm really upset about them not mentioning this big stain.. I did get a reply this morning asking for photos, so who knows? Something might come out of my righteous anger after all. 

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