Monday, October 29, 2012

MCM London Expo Day 2 Outfit

Conventions are tricky. On one side they can happen during any season, but on the side they are extremely hot in the dealer's room. MCM Expo is no exception, so Hong and I decided to go completely un-seasonal and wear our ro or sha kimono, and let me tell you we were COMFORTABLE!

At this point you might be wondering where is Day 1 outfit, but there is none. On Friday I didn't want to deal with kimono after packing my car, driving for 1.5 hours, then dragging and unpacking all the stuff at our table. Instead, I've decided to wear kimono on Saturday and Sunday, where I could dress in my room.

The selection process for which kimono to wear literally came down to which kimono I had out. A couple of weeks earlier I went though all my kimono and put away all the ro and sha, except couple that were out in random places around my house. One of them was this pink sha komon, which was still hanging on top of my dressing form. I didn't have to think about obi at all, because there was an obi laying right next to it, so all I had to do is pick out accessories that would match both kimono. Thankfully the obi matched both kimono too. My trusty purple boots completed the look. Actually, you can't see it now, but I wore a purple haori on top which matched the boots.
Hong wore her vintage kurotomesode with one of her ro obi. That obi made me drool for the whole Saturday because I loved it so much!
On this day I also got to meet one of my followers from Cambridge. I honestly never expected this to happen, since I blog about pretty niche stuff, but I was very flattered nevertheless. So this is shout out to my follower from Cambridge, it was very nice meeting you! :)


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  1. Good looking girls :D
    and a nice selektion in your store there ; )