Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MCM London Expo Day 3 Outfit

On Sunday I was much smarter in terms of taking pictures and made sure to get Hong to take a photo of my haori. Yup, I'm wearing leggings underneath too, because it was freaking cold and you can call us crazy for wearing ro/sha in such cold weather. But it was all for the greater good of not feeling hot at the Expo, so I was willing to suffer for few minutes.
As I was saying before, I selected kimono based on what was out at the moment, and this kimono was hanging on a hanger in my kimono room. The obi and accessories all matched too, so it was a no brainer that I'll take it. Funny story, I had someone at the Expo ask how much it was and try to buy it off of me, but it didn't work of course :)

When we got to the Expo, I could take off the haori (because I could feel the heat immediately) and reveal the outfit in all it's glory.
Hong decided to wear her purple ro shibori yabane kimono (I think we pretty much ticked off all the things that most people would love in kimono) with another gorgeous obi. Actually, that obi is mine now because we traded for one of my kimono. :) :) :) :)
On this day I also met another one of my followers. After Saturday, I was double flattered! So this is a shout out to the girl who took a photo with me, it was very nice to meet you too! :)

Overall Expo went pretty well but not as well as we had hoped, so we still have quite a few items left over. We are seriously considering doing the May Expo, but it will be cutting it very close to my leave day. I mean, it would be literally the last thing I could do before my house will get packed away and shipped to whichever place we're going next. Plus, we are also wondering if we have enough stuff left to justify another Expo...

Would you want us to come to Expo again in May?

~ Lyuba


  1. Actually, the only reason I wanted to go to Expo was your stall! - I couldn't justify it otherwise, the event is just too expensive - have you thought about maybe just setting up an etsy shop or something?

    1. Yeah, we thought about everything from ebay to etsy to sales album on Facebook (that's what I have now). It's really just so much trouble with all the photo taking, plus I don't have a good place to take full photos of kimono. And good photos are a must for any successful kimono selling.