Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zen Noodles require a special kimono

I got a chance to wear kimono yet again today! We went to this nifty little restaurant called Zen Noodles and of course that requited a special kimono. Also, it been pretty cold today. I'm from Florida for crying out loud, I get cold EASILY! ;P

I got this kimono before I arrived in UK in May, but never got chance to wear it in Florida like I intended. Originally I intended to pair it up with my bingata tsukuri obi, but we were pressed on time and I didn't want to spend all the time figuring out how to put tsukuri obi on lol. :) So instead I went a safe way and choose one of my favorite gold obi with imaginary flowers. Usually when I'm at a loss as to what obi to choose, I pick this one and so far it hadn't disappointed me!

I ordered seafood noodle soup and got so giddy when the waiter brought me my order :) I think most of the excitement came from the spoon that was give to me! It was one cool spoon :) ;P

Sadly by the time we got done it was dark outside so I don't have many good pictures of the whole outfit.

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