Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Arrived #17

This week I got some epic things in! First of all, this juban is actually a bright pink with turquoise, so really striking. I can't wait to wear it! It is also lined, but thankfully we are approaching the cold season, so I shouldn't wait too long to wear it. 
 I also finally got myself a ship obi! This is a vintage chuya (or soft fukuro) with ship design painted on. Usually I don't like handpainted obi because of paint cracking with age, but since the painted surfaces are pretty small, it doesn't look too bad.
 This is probably the most epic purchase in a long long while! Do I even need to say anything?
 Another set of accessories, because there are never too many!
 This datejime is seriously wide. I love it!
 Another obi ita, but this one is getting a spotlight because it's really long. I wonder what's the reason for different lengths?
Have you got anything nice in the mail lately?


  1. Oh such pretties!
    But I think my brain shut down after the yuki usagi-obiita XD Where did you get it, I need one too *drools*

  2. The differing lengths on the ita makes sense to me: longer ita for larger folks! It keeps the front nice and smooth-looking all the way on each side, instead of seeing the obi wrinkle partway. x.x

    And I'm in love with the usagi ita, too. <3 Nice pick!

    1. Makes sense :) I also prefer using longer obi ita for that reason.

  3. That is one of the nicest ship obi I've seen! I'm a total sucker for beautiful juban as well- sometimes the patterns are even nicer than the ones on kimono! I also love the bunny obi!

    1. I'm in love with antique juban and can't get enough of them!