Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meowmer Thursday

Because "meowmer" is a new scientific word, meaning kitty in general, and my cats specifically.
This is what Echo looks like after the rain. She is not afraid to go out and play in the rain, goofy cat. 
Every time Mittens sees me while outside, she rolls on her back with the cutest little meow, and starts showing off. 
I wake up to this exact face every day! So I can't really stay mad at Echo for waking me up at 5 am right?
I also wake up to this every morning. 


  1. Oh, I love your cats! Both are so beautiful!
    (Haha, and in the second to last picture Mittens looks a bit like "Ew! Go away, don't kiss me!" XD)

  2. Привет :) Сто лет у тебя не была, а зря. Обожаю твоих кошек :)