Friday, February 15, 2013

Much needed kimono day

With all the stuff going on lately, I really needed a kimono day so I got dressed up and off I went to Starbucks to read my textbooks. I know, now very exciting, but I got to wear kimono AND read my textbooks, which is something I usually really slack off on. 

I wanted to wear my ship obi, so I figured a blue kimono will match it rather well. I also wore my new yellow brooch, which matches the lining of kimono perfectly. The obi is very soft, and that's why it looks so flat. Also, the design is positioned a little weird (for me) on the front, which requires me to start tying with my right shoulder. I always tie all my obi in the front, and I start by putting the narrow bit on my left shoulder, so it took me a couple of tries to get it right haha. 
I rather like the asymmetrical look, very casual.
At the end I settled on wearing only haori, because I figured I'll be inside anyway and I can handle a little bit of cold walk from the car to Starbucks.

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