Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some sale stuff

I've added more stuff for sale, but never really posted about it on my blog, so today I've decided to fix that.

Selling two of my synthetic ro kimono. They are nice and large size, but I don't ever wear them, so I much rather for them to go to someone who would appreciate them.
Pink synthetic ro komon
White synthetic ro komon
Silk tsuke obi
 All of these obi were made into tsuke obi for ease of wearing. They are in my Bargain Corner Sale album, because I just want them gone.
Silk tsuke obi
Silk tsuke obi
White silk tsuke obi
Light pink and silver silk tsuke obi
Rich gold-brown tsuke obi
I have other stuff for sale too, such as obiage, obijime and obi ita, as well as other kimono and obi. Check out my SALE and Bargain Corner SALE albums.

Thank you for looking!

~ Lyuba

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