Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that less than two weeks ago there was snow on the ground? Looking outside, I can't believe it either! I didn't wear kimono at all last week, because I got a FUGLY cold sore on my lip and I didn't want anything to do with cameras, so this week is my make up week.

Originally I wanted to go with all red and pink ensemble, but then mom just had to go and buy me this scarf and I just had to receive it couple of day ago. And this scarf just had to be so cool and squishy and pretty, that I just had to wear it. In order to tie the whole outfit together, I kept the blue haneri and added my light blue obiage. Instead of obijime, I used two think belts that I've bought in one of the high street stores, I believe H&M. I need to get back and see if they have some other ones with cute buckles, because these belts work like a charm. If you think of using belts for obijime, remember to buy at least a size larger than you would normally get, because with all the padding and obi, you will be larger. Or better yet, go shopping in kimono, so you can try them right there.

It was so nice and warm out, that I've decided to completely go with the spring theme and wear my pink lace tabi with shoes (not boots!). Usually, I don't like when bare leg is showing while wearing kimono, but I think the look works with the socks. Now I need to get myself some more cute lace socks.

I attempted to do a tsunodashi musubi for the first time. I've used my one and only chuya obi, which is just too gorgeous for its own good. It is actually very bright and vibrant in real life, but I think this kimono tones it down in pictures. I need to wear it with a plain kimono, and let it shine on its own! My husband took this picture so I could see how I did, since we don't have a second mirror in the house. I fixed it afterwords, so don't worry, I didn't go out all crooked like that. For my first time, I don't think it was such a bad result, although it's not as puffy as it supposed to be on the bottom. Is is bad that I don't really care that it was pretty flat? I've decided not to worry too much that it didn't turn out, otherwise I wouldn't have left the house at all. It stayed together and didn't fall apart, and I think I figured out what I could do differently next time to make it puffier.

Have spring gotten to your area yet?

~ Lyuba


  1. Lovely picture Lyuba! I love how you wear all those striped kimono, really suits you! And those hats... :-)

  2. your HanEri allways prity! And 2 ObiZimes nice idea!! ^^

    1. Thank you! I love lace and I agree about 2 obijime, it adds extra something to the outfit :)