Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No time for kimono :( But plenty of time for little kittens :)

Sadly I haven't been able to wear kimono at all for almost 2 month now! I blame my 2 new kittens and my schoolwork for it. I literally come home from work every day and then spend the whole evening doing stuff for school. Of course I have only myself to blame for taking 4 online classes, but I can't drop them now because I got a military spouse scholarship type of thing to pay for them. If I drop any classes, I will have to pay back the price of class and it is very expensive. So I have until January 24th of this hell and after that I will know better and only take maybe 2 online classes per term.

On the bright side, I have 2 little kittens now :) One is black with white paws and another one is brown spotted bengal. We had Mittens for little over 2 month now :) Can you tell how much she loves me? :) :) :)

Little Mittens is not so little anymore, but she is still soooo cute! She is a little over 4 month now. Actually, she is literally my dream kitty. I always wanted to have a black female cat with white paws. We adopted her from a lady on base, the lady was giving her away because her cat gave birth to Mittens and she had too many cats in the house. The second I saw this cutie I knew she had to be mine (or I had to be hers, whichever you prefer lol). We instantly named her Mittens after Mittens from Bolt :) :) :)

We have a new Christmas tree ornament! It is cattilicious! :)

The newest addition to our family is little Echo :) She is so small compared to Mittens and they are only 2-3 weeks apart! The breeder told us that it is because pedigree cats tend to develop later than mutts haha :) I expect them to be about the same size when they are full grown.

Right now they are still getting used to each other, but they are doing extremely well. Of course I am still watching them and won't leave them alone in a room without supervision. So far all they are doing are chasing each other around the room, not hissing as much as before and I guess sizing each other up? They are even sniffing each others noses. So cuuuuute! I can't wait for them to become best buddies! :)