Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Sunshine? Bring on Kimono Days!

Hello Everyone,

I'm proud to say that I'm doing very well for my once a week kimono challenge! So far I wore kimono 12 times since January 1st! Although I counted 13 weeks that passed since then, I am not too worried about it much.

Yesterday was a kimono day in Lyuba-land again, and because the weather was so nice and HOT (over 70F/20C!!!!), I settled on this super think hitoe kimono. I didn't realize just HOW thin it was until I could see my juban through it :).

This wasn't the obi I originally thought of wearing with this kimono, but I only had it for over 2 years without actually wearing it... so I figured why not? The reason I haven't worn it before is because it's an "easy" obi that is not so easy to put on. I even pre-folded and secured the stupid thing, but even that didn't help much. Now that I've worn it as is, I will have no problem of cutting it up and shaping into proper EASY obi!

I did the off-center obijime on purpose because I didn't want to cover up the design. I also wore my go-to western shoes with lace tabi. The juban is obviously too big for this kimono, but that's just details! Not going to get my whole day ruined from this little detail! :)

As always, you can see more photos in my FB album. :)

~ Lyuba

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My transparent hitoe kimono

Enjoying this beautiful weather in kimono. I think this kimono will see a lot more wearing in next few weeks/month as it is so thin it is TRANSPARENT in places! I simply love it and want more of kimono like this one :)

I had this obi for over 2 years now, but never worn it because despite being 'easy' it's not so easy lol. After today I will just take time and sew it in so I can wear this obi more often.

More photos just as soon as I get back home an edit them.

- Lyuba

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My kimono storage situation

I'm testing out the official blogger app I finally downloaded for my iPhone. So here is my current storage. Don't be confused, I still have a lot more stuff that don't fit in there lol!

And just because I can, here is the picture of super cute girl's tabi that I got last week! They are so TINY!

- Lyuba

Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Arrived #3

Hello Everyone,

This week I got another couple of goodies in the mail.

First up is this nagoya obi. It is a little more purple in person instead of this wine color, but it is still gorgeous and I'm still in love! It's pretty soft and I think it might have been a chuya obi at one point, because the other side is metallic pink and has some subtle designs. Either way, I can't wait to wear it. :)

Now, I'm having an AWWWWWW moment over here, and it's all because of those tabi. I have to confess that I largely got this set because of those tabi. They are the cutest thing ever! All velvety, and red, and so TINY! I think this is for a 3 y. o. girl, too bad I don't have any friends near mean with a girl that age. I'm hoping I get to do some dressing on base again this year, so I could use all the kids kimono stuff I collected.

Have you got anything in the mail lately?

~ Lyuba

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exploring Cambridge as a Student

Hello Everyone,

On Monday I went to Cambridge to meet up with a new kimono person! She is a student at one of the colleges, so we walked around all the areas that I normally would not have an access too, or have a limited access. As always, to see all the photos from the day, please check out my Facebook page (and it would be great if you liked it too!)

I knew that Cambridge was beautiful, but seriously I didn't realize just HOW! The only thing that spoiled our fun was right when we were taking photos in the area below, and the security guard (or whatever they are called) told us that we are not allowed to take any commercial photos. #$%#&*@?!?!?!?! He refused to listed to us when we said that we were not taking any commercial photos, because we look like we dressed up specifically so we can take photos. Well no shit! We did dress up, but that doesn't mean the photos are commercial! So we decided not to argue with the idiot, and just left. After that, we made sure that there were not guards around when we were taking photos.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Kitsuke

Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday I went to the March Kimono de Jack meet up in London, which also just happened to be the St. Patrick's Day too. Normally, I don't care, nor do I celebrate this day, but I figured I could have fun with the themed coordination.

The coordination came together fairly quick, although I wasn't sure on which haneri to wear. I posted a photo on FB, and one of my friends suggested I wear a pink haneri. I have to admit, that made me raise my eyebrows a little, but at the end turned out a great suggestion. Plus, the haneri I'm wearing also has white lace on it, so it helps to balance out the outfit I think.

I've finally figured out how to tie that stupid tsunodashi musubi! And it actually turned out, from the first try here! It was a good kimono day! :)

Did you wear kimono for St. Patrick's, or do a special themed coordination?

~ Lyuba

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Arrived #2

Hello Everyone,

Those who know me pretty well know that I'm not a big fan of yukata. Honestly, I border-line hate them. I think that's because they don't offer that much coolness (and being an ex-Florida resident, I would know) in the hot weather. Plus, they don't require all the nice accessories that I love, like obiage and obijime. So my solution to the problem are ro kimono, which I'm desperately trying to get more of.

When I saw this kimono listed, I knew I had to get it because ZOMG can you see the STRIPES? And it's black and white too! From far away it's nothing special, but in person it is gorgeous! This weekend Hong told me that I must have an eye for hidden gems, because most of the time when I post seller pictures of kimono, they look like nothing special, yet when I wear these same kimono... I think I'm going to agree with her :)

I can't wait to wear this kimono!

~ Lyuba

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Japan Day in Cambridge 2012

Hello Everyone,

Today was my second annual venturing to the Japan Day in Cambridge. I knew that it was going on for a while, but apparently it was their 10th year today. The theme of this event was hope, since tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

As always, when I'm out to impress, everything will go wrong. It started out with my kimono not wanting to wear properly. Of course the problem was that it's too short, and I'm simply not used to wearing too short kimono in traditional way anymore. After two tries I've managed to get it to sit semi-nicely, but then the obi decided to act up. The obi I originally wanted to wear is extremely stiff, and guess needs to be in a special mood to sit on me properly, which unfortunately wasn't meant to be today. Instead of fighting with the obi for the third time, I just went with my plan B. Thankfully that obi was less temperamental, and everything worked out from the first try.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day Kitsuke

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but today is the International Women's Day (well, what's left of it). It is a big deal in Russia and Ukraine (and I'm pretty sure all the other countries in that region too), but it is virtually unknown in the USA. I find that UK people know about it, but they still don't celebrate it as much as Russians or Ukrainians. It is not only the women's day, but also the celebration of spring. Kids bring first flowers to their teachers, and of course everyone gives gifts to the women in their life. I decided to celebrate the day by wearing kimono.

Originally I was going to wear this outfit for Hina Matsuri, but it was fugly that day. Then I've decided to wear it for Japan Day on Satruday, but at the end I figured it will be perfect for today. Instead of my usual boots I'm wearing my newest flats. I fell in love with them instantly, because they reminded me of the shoes that flappers used to wear. I paired them up with my lace tabi socks. Funny, I actually hate how lace tabi look with zori (on me), but I love to use them with boots and other western shoes. :) Kanzashi is by KittyKanzashi, she knows me so well in terms of my favorite colors. I really like how it looks in my hair, I think I should give more kanzashi a chance, provided they are small enough and actually stay in my hair! I have a problem with loosing things :(

Did you do anything special today?

~ Lyuba

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Arrived #1

Hello Everyone,

I got some stuff in the mail last week! Actually, I'm *trying* to not buy as much kimono and obi, since I already have sooooo many, but we all know how THAT goes. Instead, I'm trying to focus on more accessories, because there are never enough of those, and they take up way less space!

This kimono doesn't look like much from far away, but boy is it gorgeous up close! Just look at the close up photos. The flowers on there are very season appropriate right now, so I think I'll wear this kimono on Saturday to Japan Day in Cambridge.

Don't ask me why I had to get this BOY'S seaman hat, but I just had to, ok? I can't stay away from cute hats, and I figured I could use it in a pin-up outfit, or nautical inspired kimono outfit. Plus, it's L size, and fits me pretty well. Who cares that it's boy's hat, right?

Oh yeah, I did say that I am trying to buy more accessories. Of course all these obijime are much more gorgeous in life, and the blue one is actually a royal purple. I'm really happy with them.

And, the prize of the whole bunch is this LL silk/synthetic blend GREEN men's kimono! When I saw Shinei listed it, I was prepared to get it no matter what, because my husband loves green, and always wanted a dark green kimono.

Have you gotten anything in the mail lately? :)

~ Lyuba