Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess I'm famous now? ;P

I posted in previous post that I was interviewed for Japanese TV Channel. Today one of IG members showed me this :) Check out 37sec LOL I sound so goofy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

London Japan Matsuri 2009

Was a lot of fun! But at the same time it was so crowded! I never been anywhere that crowded and I went to San Diego Comic Con!

I got to meet up with all the IG ladies from UK which always makes me happy :) :) The festival itself was the first Japanese related event in UK that I got chance to attend so I was excited over that too. My husband was able to make it, and along with his friend Dan and my coworker and her husband, we had quite a large group in kimono :)

We walked around, tried on samurai helmets, decided against standing in line for takoyaki (because the line was just so LONG!), goofed off at Starbucks and generally had a lot of fun :)

Dan was very popular with Japanese ladies, partly because it's pretty rare to see a guy in kimono, and even rarer to see 2 guys in kimono! LOL And probably because of him mohawk too. It's his normal hairstyle so we didn't think much about it until all the Japanese started asking to take pictures with him and commenting on it :) One older Japanese lady talked with us for like... 5 minutes about how it's rare to see a young guy in kimono nowadays and that when you do see them it's such a NICE sight. Translation: it's drool worthy!

My hat was a hit too :) In US I never got any extra attention over a hat because all the attention went to kimono itself. But here I was around large Japanese population and I guess for them a hat was something extremely different. I also got asked for pictures a lot and got comments about my hat. The same older Japanese lady kept saying that hat suits me well, and that she never thought of wearing hat with a kimono. But then she (politely I guess) refused to take a photo with me (first by ignoring my request and instead standing next to Dan for a picture, and second by saying no to it) so I still don't know if I should feel mildly offended...? Like she was looking down at me for going outside the 'traditional kimono box' because I wore a hat? Eh I might be looking way too much into it... I should stop now. :)

I got interviewed for a Japanese TV station too... Nippon Japan or something along those lines so keep your eyes open, I might be on TV! LOLOLOL ;P My poor husband got dragged in to it too and proudly said that he wears kimono because "It looks GOOD!".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's getting colder!

This is my first year in UK so I really don't know what to expect... Haha, not true! I know to expect cold but I just don't know when LOL. But it's getting much cooler already and I'm excited about wearing all the scarves, gloves, hats, shawls, boots, ponchos and stuff with kimono! I have a huge stash of those that I never ever needed in Florida and I can't wait to use them here!

Some nice warm tabi would be nice too huh? ;P I guess I'll just have to make them myself. :) :) :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kimono outings are lonely by myself...

I had another kimono outing yesterday... by myself. And it was fun, except that I was by myself. I don't even want to talk about how great my kimono is, and how pretty the color and all the stripes and squares greatness. I already talked about it on Immortal Geisha forums. I'm just so angry right now. At everything. At the fact that I have crappy job instead of the good one I left in US, and that I probably won't be able to find a better job for the whole 4 years I will live in UK. Why you ask? Because of Spouse Preference program, which is good... but not if I got offered a crappy job first. I loose spouse preference regardless of me accepting or declining, so I accepted. Since then I got 1 (ONE!!!!) call for interview, but as soon as they found out that I lost Spouse Preference they said they can't interview me.

I'm angry because I can't go to school here. Why? Well I don't think I can afford British colleges/universities and the stuff available on base are just NOT MY MAJOR! And you know what? I don't want to take just SOME kind of major just to go to school! I want to ENJOY school, I want to go to classroom, not take classes online.

I'm angry because I have no friend here and I'm just not to positive I'll find any. It seems that being military wife does that to you.. you become just indifferent. I hear how other people I work with talking about how they been here for year, 8 month, 6 month and all they do is stay home and don't hang out with anyone. You might ask why don't I try to hang out with people from work? For once, it's not like they jump thru the hoops to become my friends either. And for other, so far I haven't found anyone I just 'clicked' with. I tried to hang out with this one girl, and we met up at the movies (myself, my husband, our friend, her, her husband and friend) and all they wanted to do or talk about was drinking! Well I'm not into drinking! I don't want to spend each waking moment outside of work drinking! So yeah.... I don't think I'll be hanging trying to hang out with her again. Another girl, that I thought might become my friend, and who was actually excited about kimono sorta blew me off yesterday... I guess. She did say she had a vet appt for her dog, and I told her I'll wait and she will call me when she is done... no phone call. No email. No reply to my text message and voice mail asking if she still was at the appt. I don't think hoping for a courtesy call is that much to ask. I think I'm becoming indifferent too. I learn pretty fast in a new situations.

I'm angry about my car. It's a pain to drive and I'm afraid to take it anywhere and a result, I stay at home most of the time. And the time when my husband is at home and we could go somewhere, I'm working.

So yeah... kimono is about the only thing that makes me happy right now. Here are the photos from the outing. If I must say so myself, my kitsuke improved greatly from those grand total of 3 times I dressed myself :)