Monday, August 8, 2011

Winners of the Kimono Set Raffle

Hello my Lovely Readers,

The raffle for kimono sets is now over. Sadly it wasn't popular as much as both Liz and I were hoping, but regardless we are very thankful to everyone who entered! Thank you and every little bit helps! If you want to read about the real conditions, please check out Kimono Magic's post. She recently went to volunteer again, and as you can see from her post and photos, there is still much to do and they are still in need of people to do the work. I am not sure where exactly Liz be going (and I doubt she will know until she gets there), but I'm expecting that she will see something similar.

The first set was my signature Lyuba-style set of stripes, scarves and hats.

And the winner is.............

Congratulations Maaike! I will mail out your gift this week and I will drop you an email once your set is on its way! :)

Next we have the Tea Ceremony inspired set:

And the winner is..........

Congratulations Sandra!

I'm very excited for both winners and can't wait to see photos of them wearing the outfits! *hint hint, wink wink*

~ Lyuba