Monday, August 23, 2010

Kimono de Jack London

No... sadly it hadn't happened yet, but that is not to say it will not happen soon :) I was very inspired by Ichiroya's recent post about Kimono de Jack events held in Japan, and I want to be able to experience the same thing where I live. Who said we had to live in Japan in order to have Kimono de Jack? :)

Kimono de Jack

Kimono de Jack was started by 11 kimono enthusiasts from Kyoto, who were concerned that there were not enough occasions to wear kimono anymore. So in order to combat the problem, they decided to create their own event or Kimono de Jack. The first event was held on May 7, 2010 in Kyoto and was advertised by Twitter. Since then, Kimono de Jack spread across Japan and is now held in several regions.

So far I've created KimonodeJackUK twitter account, so that I can also advertise it through Twitter. Later in the week I'm hoping to get a new blog up, specifically for the Kimono de Jack London. Ideally I would love to have it once a month, which I think is pretty realistic.

Plan on, Lyuba! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yumi Yamamoto at Japanese Art Festival

I ended up going to the Japanese Art Festival, even if I had my doubts about it. But couple days ago April told me that Akemi Solloway sent her an email looking for non-Asian kimono models. Me being myself, I jumped in at the idea especially because there was a pretty good chance I would be wearing one of Yumi Yamamoto kimono :)

Sadly I was almost 30 mins late :( I left on time, but halfway to Eppings I remembered that I only have 1£ on me in coins, and I didn't remember how much they charge for parking. So I had to stop and get change, and that took up time that I could have used on being super hot and uncomfortable in the tube lol. Then when I finally got to Holborn, I had no idea where to go! Thankfully I was able to ask directions from people who were giving out festival's fliers, but even with those 'directions' I was wondering if I was going in the right direction lol. When I finally got there, everyone were still there...not sure if they were waiting for me, or just sitting around for nothing?

The day before the festival, Akemi told me that I should bring kimono undergarments, tabi and zori. I brought 4 pairs of zori, 3 pairs of tabi, obiita, korin belt and the butt padding thing because I was being me and bringing stuff just in case. Turned out I didn't need any tabi or zori for myself as Yamamoto-san had her own for me. I am glad that I brought all the extra stuff, because she ended up using it all on me :) And as a result, if I may say so myself, my obi looked all nice and non-wrinkled :) :) :) ;P

I was also told that I will be wearing a pink kimono, but I ended up with blue one. Can't say I was complaining! I liked blue kimono much more than I liked the pink one, but my favorite one was the black and lace one :) :) My kimono was done with 'cutting embroidery'? Not sure what's the technical term for it, but I bet it took a VERY LONG time to cut out and then embroider all those little holes, and make it look like flowers. I especially loved the zori. You know when you look at the kimono designers' websites, and see their zori.... but you can't order them cuz 1. they are super expensive, and 2. they don't ship overseas. Well I felt like that except I was able to wear them! And I must say they are as cute as they are comfy, or as comfy as they are cute ;) There is just something about modern zori that just draws me to them. :)

Yumi Yamamoto also had a small booth with her stuff, but sadly it was all Japanese priced. She had some rain zori that I just LOVED, but I couldn't afford £170 zori :( :( Instead I settled on her book, which came with a kimono pattern and illustrated instructions. She also signed it for me :) So overall my shopping was pretty successful... other than out-of-my-price-range stuff of course. :)

Overall the festival was.... actually have no idea. It seemed better than the one in February, and there was food (cuz I could smell it haha), and more stuff to do. But I spent my whole time either backstage, or taking photos so I'm not sure. :) I did however had a LOT OF FUN! I'm really glad I went there, especially because I got to meet a real kimono designer and wear kimono 'couture'.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Japanese Art Festival

It's only a week away, but I am still contemplating if I should go there... The last (and only) one I went to in February was a HUGE disappointment! But..... one of the guest for this festival is Yumi Yamamoto, who is a kimono designer, and I would love a chance to meet her. Or at least see her kimono.

Oh decisions, decisions.... :(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so I quit my job.

Yup, the one I was trying to long to get. The one that finally got me my weekends off and allowed me to wear pretty clothes and pretty shoes. Yup, that one. I turned in my resignation notice last Tuesday, and my boss suggested that I move to a different 'branch' to see if I like it there better. Well I did, and today I said so, but in about an hour she called me back saying that the managerial transfer is not possible so I can either A. go back or B. keep my resignation notice. I choose to quit because I do not want to go back.

Oh sure I could have sucked it up and stayed there, but at what point does it become OK to dread going to work? And really, it all boils down to conflicting personalities, but at what point am I the ONLY one at fault. I was told that I am rude and interrupt all the time, that I always have to have the last word in conversation, that I repeat things and it sounds like reciting, that when I tell someone that I'm going to lunch it is too much like reporting because they know my schedule, and they know when I go to lunch. It got to the point where I started talking less, because I didn't want to offend anyone. I started trying to 'escape' the front desk by doing something away from it. Every one of my mistakes, even little ones, were pointed out to me.... and sometimes with the words "this happened before". Really? Then why am I only hearing about it NOW? Or telling me that they thought I was a 'fast learner' because I said so.... (when I brought up that I might be interrupting to repeat stuff when I'm trying to make sure that I understand instructions). Yes fast, but not INSTANT learner, I do need to take notes you know?

Finally I started thinking that it was all my fault for not learning faster, for not knowing the names and faces of all kids in the center, for being insecure in my decisions. And then last Monday it got to the point where I just broke down and said I had enough. My personal happiness and sanity is more important to me, and when a job makes me THAT miserable... I need to leave.