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  1. Hi Lyuba sama! Your Kitsuke(styling) is inspiring! I especially like "So not dressed for the weather!" (love the brown hat with kimono, reminds me of "Moga" style from Taisho period) and "Kimono at the Harry Potter Studio Tour ". I found your blog being introduced on “Kimono world life” and Reddelilah-san had a link to your blog, so I thought you could give me some insights. I am planning to visit London by myself this winter, and thinking of wearing kimono in London. If you could kindly let me know if it is safe for a Japanese woman to wear kimono in London alone to take subways, and visit tourist spots, to the opera or restaurants, I'd really appreciate it. Knowing there were riots in London last year, I am kind of worried if to be wearing ethnic costume such as kimono might attract unwanted/negative/discriminatory attention. I think will be wearing something dark, or grey. Thank you. Kana

  2. Hello lyuba sama,
    May I ask, where did you buy your yukata. Do you know where to buy online yukata for around $20-$35.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      I bought most of my yukata off ebay, but those sellers are no longer there now. In that price range, your best bet is Shinei website, although you will have a shipping charge added to that too.

  3. Dear Lyuba,

    I've had an eye on what you have been doing with kimono for a number of years now. Firstly, I want to express the admiration I have for your creativity. The last time I had my hair cropped short I wore it with a cloche hat, inspired by photos I had seen of you doing the same.

    I am currently writing a book about kimono and want to include different kimono wearers from around the world. Would you be happy for me to use an image of you and a quote from you in my book? Of course, I will give you credit and will show you the chapter you are included in before I submit it to a publisher. I'm attempting to get a first draft done by the 16th of July, though at the rate I'm going it may take longer.

    In any case, any contribution you'd like to make is welcome. I'm really interested in recording how different people in our time period make kimono wearing choices and how they decide what best suits them. Given your distinct and radiant hair colour, I imagine many of your choices related to coordinating with your hair.

    Thank you for the inspiration.