Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - a Year in Pictures

Hello everyone,

2010 was a pretty good year for me, although some stuff still didn't live up to my expectations. On the bright side, I wore kimono a LOT more often than in 2009 :) But on the down side, I decided that online school is really not for me and now don't even know if I will be able to go to school period. I also quit my much-hated Commissary job for a CDC job, something that turned out to be not-so-great at the end. I quit that too, only to be jobless lol. So I hope that 2011 will bring me a good job that I will actually like, and coworkers that would actually like me.

So in 2010:

I got a chance to do a photo shoot in kimono in pin up style. Loved every minute of it!
 And an actual pin up shoot too :)
 We went to York for their Viking Festival. The festival wasn't all that great, but we loved York itself :)

 I went to the Japanese Art Festival for the first time, and promised myself that I will never ever go there again lol.  
 After 9 years, I finally visited Ukraine!!!!

Got to meet an artist about whom I read in textbooks in Ukraine! He is the guy who created the smallest book in the world. A lot of stuff on his site I actually saw in person, through microscope of course. The whole experience was just amazing!

 Saw my grandma for the first time in 9 years and spent the whole day crying.
 Met up with some school friends :) (And one American guy who is teaching English in Ukraine. He didn't realize I was fluent in English until I spoke to him.. the look on his face was PRICELESS!)
 Visited my school and took a photo in exactly the same way as one of my existing old photos lol.
 Visited my old house! My dad made the gate :)
 Visited my other grandma.
 Finally got myself a traditional Ukrainian shirt.
 My little cats all grew up :( And had to get spayed.
 Went to Kabuki performance in London and LOVED IT!
 Got to meet Svetlana Shmakova (Creator of DramaCon) at London EXPO.
 Participated in Kimono Fashion Show at Asian Pacific Festival on base.
Went to Maede Gakuen summer festival. It was hot lol. 
Went to Okinawan Day in London, but it wasn't that great.  
 Contrary to my promise made earlier in the year, went to another Japanese Art Festival. However, the whole reason I went there this time was to meet Yumi Yamamoto, a Japanese kimono designer. I was one of her models for her modern kimono fashion show. Let me just say that I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

Visited US and hung out with my friends a lot :) And danced at the Obon Festival. 
 Went to DragonCon for the first time and cosplayed my version of Jungle Girl.
 I even got to meet Vork and Zaboo from The Guild. Yes I did use DA BOOBS to my full advantage ;P :P
 Immediately after coming back to UK I attended Japan Matsuri in London.
 And almost right after Japan Matsuri I went to Hyper Japan, London. And even got mentioned on TokyoTelephone :) :) :)

Kimono de Jack happened for the first time in UK! Who said KDJ can only be in Japan? Sure wasn't me! ;P
Visited British Museum in kimono :) 
Attended the second Kimono Jack in London. 
Actually managed to get photos of snow during Bury St. Edmunds Christmas Fair. 
 Visited Birmingham for kimono demonstration, while NOT wearing a kimono! It was a nice change for me. :)
Finally attended the third, and last Kimono Jack for 2010. It was also the last time I wore kimono in 2010.
How was your 2010?

~ Lyuba


  1. you had secret pin-up pics! loved this post ah the good times

  2. Lovely post full of color. Thanks.

  3. Shisa-Ai, yes I did lol ;) And secret DragonCon photos too haha ;P

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