Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - a Year in Pictures

Hello everyone,

2010 was a pretty good year for me, although some stuff still didn't live up to my expectations. On the bright side, I wore kimono a LOT more often than in 2009 :) But on the down side, I decided that online school is really not for me and now don't even know if I will be able to go to school period. I also quit my much-hated Commissary job for a CDC job, something that turned out to be not-so-great at the end. I quit that too, only to be jobless lol. So I hope that 2011 will bring me a good job that I will actually like, and coworkers that would actually like me.

So in 2010:

I got a chance to do a photo shoot in kimono in pin up style. Loved every minute of it!
 And an actual pin up shoot too :)
 We went to York for their Viking Festival. The festival wasn't all that great, but we loved York itself :)