Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just to prepare everyone, this is a rant post. A rant that I just really really really want to RANT ABOUT! It's nothing major, but it kinda got to me today.

As some of you might know from my Facebook, I recently (this Monday) started a new job at post office. It's just temporary for holidays, and I'm pretty happy with it. I like people I work with a lot, so I was thinking of bringing in something.... maybe cookies sometimes. Well today at least 3 people there were talking about how they NEVER EVER EAT ANYTHING THAT WAS PREPARED AT HOME AND BROUGHT IN FOR EVERYONE because you never know if the person preparing it washes their hands, or follows any sanitary/cleanliness standards. So they would only eat something that was prepared commercially....... There goes my idea with bringing something.

All I could think was SERIOUSLY? Do Americans (most of the people there are Americans, the people talking were definitely Americans) are really that spoiled? Grossed out? Narrow minded? I really don't know what else I can categorize it as. I try to respect everyone's little quirks, I sure have a lot of my own, but I think this is going a little overboard. (Just for the disclaimer, I've heard the same thing said before but never with more than one person at a time)

I really wanted to ask them what they do if they go over to someone's house for dinner? Not eat because the host dared to prepare food her/himself? Or watch them prepare it to make sure the sanitary standards were upheld?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Experiencing London in kimono

Last weekend I got to experience London in kimono once again. For me it wasn't a new thing, but for my friend Sachiko, who visited from Japan, it was a first time. We met on Facebook through one of the kimono groups and somehow hit it off right away. Kimono must be addictive huh? Earlier this year she told me that she was planning on coming to Europe to do some research for her class and I thought it would be great to meet up and wear kimono around London.

She couldn't bring any with her due to weight restrictions, so I offered to let her borrow one of mine. Those who know me, know that I have more than enough kimono and accessories to dress up several people. She picked my stylized roses beige kimono, thinking it was gorgeous. I can say that I agree with her wholeheartedly. :) :)

I picked her up from Standsted airport and we made our way to Eppings, where I could leave my car for 2 day without going broke over parking fees in London. First thing we did was check in to our hotel, and I thought it was the cutest little room ever. I actually never stayed in any Btitish hotels since coming to UK, so I was excited about everything :) Little beds, cute bathroom, tea cups, and heated towel racks :)

By the time we got done with getting to hotel, checking in and getting dinner, it was too late to do anything else so we just sat at the hotel room and looked at kimono :) Sachiko told me that her mother enjoys looking at my photos on FB, and wanted to contribute something to my kimono obsession. :) She sent me a kimono, reversible hanhaba obi and 2 obiage, all wrapped in a cutest furoshiki ever :) Green with little turtles. To say that I wasn't expecting anything like that was an understatement! I was extremely surprised and grateful :) Now I'm in a process of figuring out what to send her as a thank you gift. I got some ideas, since Sachiko told me about some stuff her mom wanted her to bring back...

On Monday we dressed up in kimono first thing in the morning and went to British Museum. I decided to wear the obi that I got as a present, because it matched so well! The other side is grey with printed lace, so totally my style too!! LOL I had trouble tying my hanhaba, because I'm not used to doing it.... Sachiko had to keep fixing it for me during the day.

Originally I intended on wearing pink tights with this kimono, but at the end I completely forgot... because the outfit I wore in the morning for breakfast didn't match with pink tights. Oh well, no big deal although I wish I didn't forget. The whole outfit would have matched a lot better :)

I've never actually been to British Museum until Monday, and I must say I absolutely loved it! I don't think we explored even half of it :) I think I will come back again sometime soon. Plus I still want to go and check out their Tea Ceremony, seeing as I never been to one. After museum we went to Soho area to do some window shopping :) Of course I had to show her my favorite Irregular Choice shoes as well as whole bunch of other cool shops :)

By the time we got done with shops, we were so tired that all we had energy for is to go back to her hostel, change from our kimono and rest. Well... I had to go home, and Sachiko went grocery shopping for dinner, but nonetheless we called it a night :) I had a blast, and I'm extremely happy that I got to hang out with her during her visit. :)