Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ichigo: Norwich Japanese Society

Today I went to Ichigo: Norwich Japanese Society discussion meeting about English vs. Japanese teas. The discussion was pretty interesting, however I am not sure how I feel about the Norwich Japanese Society....

I spent quite some time searching for a place to park, and then trying to find the meeting place and so I was about 10-15 minutes late. When I walked in, I wasn't greeted or even acknowledged by any of the British members, so I just kept standing there like an idiot. The Japanese members however, immediately noticed me and ran off to get an extra chair. After that I joined in, mostly listening since I don't know much about either English or Japanese tea and I didn't have much to say.

At the end, I joined the society and got on their mailing list. I hope that in the futures it will go better for me. OR they might have a discussion about kimono, and then I will talk non-stop LOL ;P Maybe I will even be able to get more involved too.