Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can't believe I did it!

A long time ago, I used to do metal jewelry. Then I stopped, for various reasons :( But now I think it's time to get back to it, because it was always something I truly enjoyed. So today, I spent a little over $1000 on various supplies for my home studio. I still cannot believe that I did it! I kept staring at the screen before hitting the "submit order" button for maybe 3 hours, and that not counting for items being in my basked for past 3 days!

I'm a little bit of shock not because I didn't expect all the stuff to be this expensive, but because I never ever got to spend THAT much money on myself. Even my kimono never cost that much! :P

Looks like I will have to get off my lazy behind and make some jewelry! My goal is to participate in Christmas Markets on base at the end of the year, because they seriously lack some artistic jewelry there! I guess I was spoiled by festivals like Great Gulf Coast Art Festival, where artistic jewelry is all over the place so I was very disappointed when I didn't see any metal jewelry. All they had were beaded pieces, and although they were beautiful, there are only so many ways one can string beads. I was hoping for something from metal and/or with stones. I didn't see anything other than cheaper mass produced versions. :( :(

So wish me luck and keep asking for those jewelry pieces! They are coming! :)

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