Sunday, August 26, 2012

Won't Miss #2 - stinging nettle

I absolutely hate nettle! It seems like it grows here literally on every corner and then some. It especially bothers me when it grows in places that prevent me from getting to fruits or berries, but according to almighty Wikipedia, the ground where nettle grows is very fertile. Well I don't care! 

I actually got stung on the bottom of my foot because I unknowingly stepped on a tiny plant that grew in between concrete tiles in our backyard and lets just say it didn't contribute to my "love" towards it. It also tries to grow in my garden, but at least there I have some control over it (and hey! It means my garden soil is fertile!)

I definitely will not miss having to watch out for every plant in case it might turn out to be nettle and I won't miss getting stung in random places! 


  1. Aren't teas made from stinging nettle supposed to be good for cramps? It's a diuretic, so if you're bloated, a small amount a day helps immensely. 1-2tsp of the dried leaves per 8oz of water is the usual dose. How lucky to be surrounded by it, instead of having to buy it at specialty shops... but also, how unlucky, since it catches on EVERYTHING, and... well, it stings. x.x

    1. I knew it could be used in a natural medicine, but I'm a little out of touch with my Ukrainian roots in that sense because I only remember a very limited amount of natural remedies :(

    2. Ehhh. Doing the pagan business thing, I can tell you that a LOT of plants are touted for having a million uses, and very few of them stack up to actual studies (when there are any to begin with). A LOT of them have a placebo effect, and some are more dangerous than people know. Yet, people still take them. ::facepalm:: What's better, you show some people the hard data, and they still go "THAT'S NOT TRUE! It's *natural*, so it can only be good for you!" Ack.

      Others do have some proven benefits, though. Nettle is one of them! Willow bark is, too, but you'd be better off with one dose of aspirin. Aspirin comes from willow bark, but it's concentrated. Turmeric really does somewhat reduce risks of certain types of esophageal cancers and breast cancer. Honey and ginger are great for a sore throat, and a drop or two of clove oil diluted in a few drops of almond, veggie, or grapeseed oil is a surface anaesthetic in a pinch.

      So when you get out your leather gloves to pull up that nettle plant, consider maybe washing it off and drying it out. You might want to drink it in a few weeks. :P