Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just Arrived #19

Remember those Shinei orders I've placed after my school kimono talk and MCM Expo? They are starting to arrive and I'm so ridiculously excited for new kimono stuff! These three kimono came in the second package few days ago. I have to confess that I actually ordered them before, back in summer, but ended up cancelling the order because I really didn't need any new stuff at the time. When I went looking for things to treat myself with, they were still there so I thought it mush have meant to be! In case you're wondering, I've noticed that Shinei tends to re-list their stuff as "new", probably to get people looking again, because let's face, who has patience to go though their 568743456 pages? I know I don't! 

This kimono is a gorgeous beige color with dark blue stripes. I also loved the layered design look. Surprisingly, I only have one other beige kimono, but I don't wear it often because it fits me properly. Oh look at me, looking down my nose at traditional stuff :P This one is a hitoe too, so I see myself using it often when we're back in the US.
 One can never have enough brown, especially if the one is named Lyuba. This one is awase, so it means I'll wear it soon! :)
 All I can say about this kimono is TACHIBANA! Recently I've started to really like tachibana pattern, so I want more kimono with it. This kimono is bright magenta pink and very thin hitoe, perfect for those hot month!
Have you got anything kimono-related in the mail recently? 

~ Lyuba

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