Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I just can't stay away from Ebay

I think it's a sort of 'retail' therapy for me. I guess I'm having a much harder time here than I anticipated, I avoid talking about it much but the fact is still here. :( And so I shop for kimono stuff cuz that's about the only thing that makes me happy right now.

Here are 2 new kimono I got. The green and blue one was an instant I WANT item even if I'm gonna have a hard time coordinating it. I don't have a single obi that will match, and I'm still confused about the flowers. Are those Ume? Sakura? Momo? But fun nonetheless :)The other one is much easier, and it's hitoe so I will be able to wear it as soon as it comes in. Good thing too, because I'm hoping to wear it to London Matsuri festival in September. I already have at least 2 obi that I think will look good with it :)

1 comment:

  1. I *think* that they may be awkwardly drawn ume? :? Mainly because sakura almost always have that split-end thing going on...

    Or maybe a mutant cross between ume and sakura? ^^;