Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My most expensive juban yet... :)

Few days ago I got into a real bidding war on Ebay over 2 Taisho jubans. Usually I'm a LOT more reserved, but this time I just really like them. Unfortunately I was only able to get one of them, but even so I'm very happy. I needed a juban with longer sleeves because the number of my kimono have sleeves about 56 cm, and mosts of my jubans are at 49cm sleeves or less. This juban sleeves are 55cm which is perfect for me! :)

Sadly one of my favorite kimono was left without proper juban as I lost another one. It's a bright red kimono, from far away it could be mistaken for red iromuji, but it's not. It has some black and yellow lines design over it. Its sleeves are unusually long (or so it seems to me), at 66cm. I have another Taisho juban that was given to me by a friend, but it's bright red, the same color as kimono! And as much as I like red, I think red kimono AND red juban is a little too much even for me LOL. So the search for PERFECT juban for my perfect kimono still continues.

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