Monday, December 31, 2012

Once a Week Kimono Challenge 2012 summary

Hello Everyone, 

As 2012 comes to the end, it's time to look back at all the times I wore kimono this year. When I started the challenge, I was very excited and motivated. As the weeks went by, I went from excitement to being burned out, to being upset at the weather, to back to being excited again. Some weeks I didn't wear kimono because of the rain, others because I simply didn't want to. I still managed to stick with it, and this year had been the best kimono year for me yet.

When I added everything together, I came up with 40 times that I wore kimono. While it is not exactly once a week as I was hoping, it is still ended up being much better than I though I did. Below I posted a photo from each kimono day, and if you click on the caption, it will take you the blog post. 

Enjoy the photos and wish me luck in my 2013 Once a Week Kimono Challenge!

P.S. Brace yourself, it's a long post. :)
First kitsuke of the year
Cambridge in kimono
Mittens and kimono
First kitsuke in February
Kimono and snow!
So not dressed for the weather...
Spring is in the air.
Leap Day kitsuke.

Japan Day in Cambridge 2012
International Women's Day kitsuke
St. Patrick's Day kitsuke
Exploring Cambridge as a student
Sunshine and kimono

Hanami that didn't happen
Kitacon 2012 demo & talk
Kitsuke in April

Camcon 2012
Golden Festival
Travelling Kimono in Cambridge

Lesley Downer lecture
Kimono de Jack at Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park
Kimono at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Supporting Travelling Kimono in London
Kimono de Jack at Bury St. Edmunds
Poppies and asanoha
Black, white, and matching

Reverse kitsuke
One day in August...

Hong's wedding
Life imitating art

Kimono de Jack at Harry Potter studios
First proper fall kitsuke
MCM London Expo day 3
MCM London Expo day 2 

Finally cold enough to wear gloves
Kimono de Jack Oiran Showdown at Hyper Japan 2012

Christmas shopping in Cambridge
Kimono de Jack at Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market
Going out for sushi
Secret special kimono project


  1. Great post! I received two furisode for Christmas and I know they're not traditionally worn by men but I can't wait for a chance to wear them :)

  2. *so* jealous of all your kimono :)

  3. Sigh of admiration. You always look so fabulous, Lyuba-chan...You're, like one of my top kitsuke style mavens of all time!

  4. Totally fab kitsuke! I LOVE your pattern choices for han eri, obi accessories, the lot of it!. Nice to see some summer kimono ensembles that are not yukata too! Is that black and red piece sha or ro silk?