Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kimono Jack in Birmingham

Hello everyone,

I've been kinda slacking on my kimono posts lately. Shame on me! But I am determent to fix the situation as soon as possible :P

Show off. Yup, that's me.

This past weekend our group went to Birmingham for the third Kimono Jack in UK. Most of us stayed at April's house since she is local to Birmingham where we got to meet her two Shiba Inu doggies. I've never seen a Shiba dog before, so I was very surprised at how small they turned out to be. And how catlike! Especially her boy, Mizuki I think? (I'm sorry if I got the name wrong) He reminded me so much of my Echo :) :)  Just a little furry drama queen with a huge ego!

When we arrived on Friday, we had a Birmingham Japanese Society annual Christmas party/kimono demonstration, but that is a topic for another post. On Saturday we got up fairly early, had breakfast, realized that  we only have 15 minutes to get ready and as a result were 30 minutes late to our own event. Good thing that all of us had each other's phone numbers, so we could text and warn about our late arrival.

We were joined by 3 ladies that I've never met before. Kate aka Rubyminky from Immortal Geisha, as well as two girls from the night before. I was busy being a paparazzi and never got to talk to them, so I don't remember their names. :(

I wore my newest striped tsumugi, dark raspberry colored nagoya obi, orange kimono coat and my newest boots from Topshop. For the accessories I  had white and pink obiage and white belt for obijime. Sadly, my pretty white belt got stained by the coat's lining. Whatever it was dyed with rubbed off on the belt, and now I have not-so-pretty red stains on it. I'm a little bummed, because I got that belt at TKMaxx and I'm not sure if I will be able to find another one like it.

Of course I can't forget about my scarf and hat. :) Both are gifts from my mom, and have I told you all already that she has a GREAT taste? 

I got that coat a while back knowing that one day in England I will end up using it. Last year I didn't wear kimono as much as I did this year, so I never actually worn it till Saturday. It looks like a regular raincoat but much thicker. Lots of padding there. I'm sure it will do a great job of protecting my kimono from rain or snow. I just have to remember to never ever wear any light colored kimono underneath, otherwise I'm risking some serious stains.

The rest of the ladies were rocking some serious capes and shawls. :) I think that both of those are perfect for kimono. And for western clothes, so you wouldn't have to spend money on a specific kimono coat unless you absolutely want to. ;P

After getting tired of fighting crowds at the market, we decided to find a nice cafe to sit in and chat. And check this out, you can actually see my kimono as opposed to bright orange thing! Everyone loved Elizabeth purple polka dots kimono.

Later on we got back to the market, and I got myself some yummies. And books from Waterstone's, aka the EVIL PLACE as I like to call it since I can never leave without buying a book. I bought 3 this time.

Is this a British IHOP? ;P

Nerding out all the way!

Good thing they were tied up.

Dutch pancakes

This poor tied up mannequin

I still like this picture, even if it is blurry
 My next will be about our kimono demonstration. Stay tuned!

~ Lyuba


  1. It seems prety freezing up there. But you all looking fantastic. Congrats for your second kimono jack. Lucky you!

  2. Juan, actually it was pretty warm :) We got lucky :)

  3. I had such fun having everyone over. I think Azuki and Cassey have recovered from having "people" on their territory! LOL!

    The girls that joined us from BJS were Rohima and Dawn.

  4. It was a great day out, looking forward to the next one :)