Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Kitsuke of the Year

Hello Everyone,

If it feels like I fell off the face of the earth, well I did... kinda. On the New Year's Eve our internet router box completely died, so up until yesterday I had no internet and I was slowly dying inside. And to think that I had all these blog posts planned for New Year, which I don't particularly feel like writing anymore because my inspiration is gone.

So today I show you my outfit from last week when we went out to movies, which coincidentally was the first kitsuke of the year!

In the past few weeks I've made several cotton tsuke obi, so for this outfit I've decided to test one of them out. Good thing too, because I found out that I needed to make some improvements before this obi can go to my friend in Florida. The small pattern and light color felt just right to coordinate with this striped kimono, and I think the small patterns on the juban also added to the general kimono greatness coordination.

This kimono is fairly short, and while I could wear it without ohashori, I have to confess that I don't really like the look. I much prefer to wear it short on purpose, but WITH ohashori. Funny thing is, my husband was saying that I wore it TOO short, so I had to give him a small "lecture" about different styles and how this is my style. He was still not impressed :)

Generally I'm not too concerned with the coordination, and mostly I wear what I think will look good together. That's the reason why I buy so many geometric komon, because I don't have to worry about seasons as much. In this case, I picked the obiage to match the haneri I've made, and I picked the scarf and hat to match the flowers on the haneri. Looking at this, I think everything works pretty well together at the end, but at the same time I won't be able to explain much on WHY I picked what I picked. It just felt right to me.

On a side note, gosh I need to get  my hair trimmed! It's driving me crazy, but I'm in between stylists right now so I'm being lazy about calling yet another new person.

Have you had your first kitsuke of the year yet?

~ Lyuba

P.S. Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but my top secret New Year resolution is to wear kimono once a week....


  1. Thank you for your Coments en my page! I like all your combination of Fudan Kimono!! Wondaful ^^

  2. How do you make your obis like that? I'm so envious of all your outfits :3 and I wish I had your guidance! Oh well, I must persevere! Do you really wear a kimono once a week? If so, how many kimonos do you own? I hope I don't seem to impolite.

    1. I'm not really sure what you mean about my obi, but that's just a regular otaiko musubi. I try to wear kimono once a week, but some month I've been slacking due to school work or bad weather. But as soon as it stops raining, I'm wearing kimono again :)

    2. I have a difficulty in finding out how to fix my taiko musubi like that and then have it stay in place, I'm sorry if had I worded my question strangely.
      Well even if you're slacking a little I find it wonderful that you do try to wear a kimono! I live in small town so if I started wearing kimonos like I wish to I might get a few questions asked, but you have given me inspiration to make a new kimono and maybe give my friends a shock. Thank you! :)
      May I ask what type of eri-shin do you use? I've never used one before and am quite clueless on where I should put it and how. u.u'
      Sorry for such a long post...

    3. I think I've seen your photo on Immortal Geisha, if you look in Kimono & Kitsuke Knowledge Bank, you should find lots of tutorials on how to tie the obi like that.

      I also live in a small town... well it's actually a small UK village.

      I use erishin that I bought online a while back, they can me made from a variety of materials. Some are think plastic, others are stiff mesh type of material. You put it under your juban collar. Again, if you search IG, most of these questions will be answered there.

    4. Yes I'm on IG and I'll go there for any future references and tutorials.
      Actually since I had posted that I did the research myself, as to not bug you with my clueless questions, and found many useful things on IG and other sites. So now I feel less clueless! :)
      Thanks for being so helpful. :D