Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX

Hello Everyone,

Last week I went to a whole day event called Fandango. It is organized by one of the local photographers I've met earlier in September, and I was invited to go as one of the models. I brought several outfits with me, so it felt like I was traveling with my whole closet lol! Of course one of those outfits had to be kimono.

I woke up very early in order to be ready for 4:30 am leaving time, put the kimono on and proceeded to go to the first location. Our first photo shoot place, and the only place I've worn kimono that day, was Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. From the road the place looks pretty unimpressive, but when you get closer to it, the whole funky potential opens up.

I was very happy I put on the kimono at home! During the ride there my obi fell apart, so I had to fix it on location and boy was it COLD! I could barely feel my fingers, so it took me 3 tries to put the obi back on. After a while I've managed, put on the rest of the accessories and went to take photos.
Photo by Kathy Duncan
The day before I've actually coordinated 3 different kimono outfits, because I was hoping to dress up another model in one of them and also have a change for myself. The cold weather made me change my mind about changing kimono, since it would have taken so long to change. I am pretty happy with the outfit I picked out though, and I still have 2 other outfits to use for something else.
Photo by Amy Jo Fish Flores
Photo by Amy Jo Fish Flores
Photo by Amy Jo Fish Flores
Photo by Kathy Duncan
Photo by Carol Davis
Photo by Tom Heisey
Overall I'm very happy with the photos! I want to thank all of the photographers that photographed me. I simply love your photos!

Have you been to the Cadillac Ranch?

~ Lyuba


  1. What amazing colours ! So you live in New Mexico now . How are your cats ?

    1. My cats are doing great! I think they like the new house.

  2. Awww never been to Cadillac Ranch yet. I super enjoyed reading this blog. Love the gold and teal color combination of your Japanese kimono. You are so good in putting together style inspirations from the East and the West.