Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I've been up to since July

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, we just did my 3rd (in my life) move across the pond, and that put a damper on anything kimono or blogging wise. In the past 2 month I just haven't been feeling like blogging, but here are some of the things that have been happening with me.

- Move back to the USA! Yay for normal roads and plenty of parking spots. Not-yay for no Starbucks where I live :(

- We bought a house!

- I picked up my cats from my parents house in Florida and made an epic 17hr trip with them!

- I had a kimono photo shoot, which most of you probably already seen on my Facebook page

- I went to Japan Fest in Atlanta with friends where we were kimono dealers. I now have barely any kimono or obi left for sale (MAJOR QUADRUPLE YAY!!!), but whatever I have left I will post in my Sale albums. 

- I'm transitioning my cats to the raw diet. 

- I got myself a pretty glass kettle pot (is that even right?) for my pretty tea! But now I can't find any raw heavy cream to make clotted cream, and might have to pay big money to import it from the UK. 

- I can still make scones! 

- I haven't even thought about starting a KDJ in the area because any decent size city is at least 2hrs away, and I'm not traveling that far just to find out that no one will show up. So there probably not going to be a KDJ where I live, and I'll just hang out with me, myself, and I, like I usually do. Ok, I did think about starting  a KJD. 

- We bought a Japanese cherry tree for our front yard! It's really tiny now, but I'm hoping that by spring it will be grown enough to flower! 

I can't think of anything else that happened, so for now that's all. 

~ Lyuba

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