Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Obon Festival in Pensacola, FL

While visiting United States this past month, I got lucky to be there during one of the annual Japanese festivals. It was pretty small, but with a lot of heart lol. And I could safely say that I never had more fun at a Japanese festival in my life :)

It was raining that day, heavily, but it didn't stop us from going out and enjoying out day. Who cares that we got soaked in the process? And of course nothing beats having your friends there. I missed them a lot. It is a wonderful feeling to come back and know that you are MISSED with a capital letter. :)

Afterwords we went to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Fran's B-Day :) She ordered her favorite meal again, the one where she has to cook it herself lol. I think every other time I went out to eat was to a Japanese restaurant. :)

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