Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Kimono de Jack in UK and outside of Japan

Yesterday I went not only to another kimono meet up in London, but also to the very FIRST Kimono de Jack event outside of Japan. Ever since I've read about Kimono Jack in Ichiroya's newsletter, I've wanted for us (Westerners) to have something like that too. After a grand total of about 30 seconds of thinking, I decided that once a month would be a pretty reasonable amount of times to meet, killing several birds with one stone: having Kimono Jack, getting out of the house, meeting up with friends, wearing kimono! I mean what can get better than that? All of my kimono friends in UK immediately loved the idea too, and even helped out with Kimono de Jack (special thanks going to KittyKanzashi for creating Facebook group and promoting Kimnono Jack on her blog).

After watching the weather forecast for a week, it didn't look all that great for us. Rain, rain, and more rain. While looking for kimono to wear I came across a rain coat (?) that I didn't remember buying. Usually I'm really good with remember who/when/where I bought from, but not with this one. Nevertheless I was happy that I had it, and I decided it was a perfect occasion to try it out!

For kimono I picked a dark blue synthetic komon, which I also had for a while but was only waiting for colder weather to wear. Since we fully expected it to rain, I decided to wear a pair of western shoes instead. Well... it was because of rain, and also because I thought I would be too cold in just tabi as it was pretty chilly outside :) I paired it up with my all time favorite brown kokeshi fukuro obi, one of my new hats, sunflower obijime that I've made and a bright orange obiage., I still laugh at myself because my original thought was to wear a bright red beret to match my shoes, but while getting ready in the morning I completely forgot about it and instead picked up one of the hats that mom sent me. Overall I'm pretty happy with how everything looks, except the otaiko part which drooped on one side... Yeah I'm not showing those photos LOL.

We had a total of 5 people show up, even someone who followed my blog. Funny, I was telling everyone how I think someone from blogs will show up and sure enough there she was! Of course I don't remember her name anymore, but I'm terrible with names lol. I'm hoping that she will find me on Facebook, and that will help me remember. And that she will come to our future Kimono Jack events of course! :)

At first we walked around the National Gallery, but it was way too hot in all our layers so instead we went to hang out in our favorite Piccadilly area :) I got myself some teas from a tea shop (forgot the name), I've been looking to get them for a while but our store in Cambridge didn't care those :( Afterward we all went to get lunch at the SO restaurant. We were seated at the coolest table ever, if we ever go there again I would request that table and that table only lol. The food was great and decently priced, so I think I will be going there again. :) April and her husband were able to join us for lunch, and although she didn't wear kimono we were still very happy to see her! :) It's great when all friends are together :)

Finally we decided to get some ice cream to finish up an already great day, but not before I checked out the Irregular Choice shoe store! Everyone laughed at me, but what can I say? I love that brand! :) :) :)


  1. that looks like a lot of fun. you all look great ^^ i can't wait till november

  2. It was fun! I will definitely be in kimono next time! :)

  3. Can't wait till next time too!! :)

  4. You all look wonderful.Once again you get the high with the complements. I'm tomonorisan from Inmortal Geisha. Actually I think Ichiroya had a great idea. Thanks for sharing

  5. That sounds like great fun!

  6. Lovely outfits ! Thanks for sharing it with everybody.
    A pity that men's kimono's look so drab. I'd almost start to wear one myself (:

  7. LOL so true. Actually there is a guy on FB, he is kimono maker and he wear brighter colors in kimono. He also remakes women's kimono into men's, so he can wear them and have some color too :)