Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting burned out?

I think after crazy April I'm getting a little burned out on kimono... Lets see, I went to Kitacon and did 3 kimono dressings..... one of them single handedly for a fundraiser. For the past couple of weeks I didn't even want to look at the kimono lol.

But I think the last blow came this Saturday, when I went to Kimono de Jack event in Norwich. The reason I decided to have one in Norwich is because our 'regulars' were all busy or couldn't make it in May, so I figured going somewhere local to me lets me keep up once a month tradition and hopefully help meet new people. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and blog, I also got Ichigo: Norwich to advertise for me and personally invited several people I've met at the Norwich events in April.  NOT A SINGLE PERSON SHOWED UP.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not delusional about kimono popularity in UK. It is very small. I know that, I expected that but seriously?  No one? I even figured that no one will come. You might want to know why I bothered going? Well because I said I'll be there, I was the one to set up the event and also because it was advertised outside of usual FB and blog. Someone might have shown up, and it would have been pretty uncool if I didn't come. So I went, pretty much fully expecting to be alone with my faithful Starbucks. Now you might want to know why I'm so upset, if I expected no one to show up. I honestly don't know how to say it without sounding totally self-centered and selfish, but I don't care at this point. It been bothering me for a few days now and I need to say or I will keep inside myself and then blow off on someone.... when they ask our group to attend their event (Not looking at you, Hyper Japan organizer lady).

I've been asked to help out with TWO events in Norwich. Technically one, and the other I volunteered for but I was asked to help anyways and it was my choice. And I went, dragged all my kimono there too.  Yes it was for a good cause, and I don't regret it. And while there, I've met several people that care about Japanese culture and we had fun hanging out, so I figured at least some of those people might show up. Tough luck. You know, because they like Japanese culture and it's fun to hang out with someone who cares about it too. I think I am delusional. Why would anyone want come to any events, unless it's very big and official. Oh, wear kimono and hang out? Really, people do that?

I get it, I'm only important when there is a kimono dressing need. Otherwise I'm not ever worth considering hanging out with. Hong said it best "stop helping people, it is making you bitter". I think she is right. I am bitter, at least right now. I know that if I give it some time, I'll get over it and get back into happy-nothing-fazes-me organizer mood. And I know, this is how the job of ANY organizer will be, but it doesn't mean that I can't be bitter about it sometimes. (The same way I knew it will be hard to be a military wife, yet I rant about it all the time).

I think I will stop helping people, at least for now. My summer classes will start pretty soon and I really don't want an added stress of events right now. Especially events that we were asked to attend, yet it's been a month now and we haven't heard back from anyone... yes I'm looking at you HYPER JAPAN! If you want us there, then for crying out loud REPLY TO OUR INQUIRES!! Otherwise, you are welcome to do without... I could say us, but I'm no position to decided for my team members, so you are welcome to do without ME! I'll just attend your event to hang out and have fun, instead of contributing to the programme.  

Well I feel a little bit better now. Not too much, but it will pass. I have our Brugge trip this Saturday to look forward too, hopefully it will put me in a better mood. And Mittens just came over for cuddles, so things are starting to look up already. Little kitty cuddles are always the best when you're in a bad mood. :)

~ Lyuba

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  1. I am so, so gutted to hear that you were the only one who showed for the KdJ in Norwich! I couldn't believe it when I read your blog. I can understand how you must feel - if it were me I'd be MEGA upset that no one came. As it was I spent the day at work seething because I really wanted to be there. Argh! >:(

    That settles it; we'll definately have to meet up sometime and show the world there are at least two kimono fans in East Anglia! ;)