Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will Miss #4: magazine freebies

I rarely bought fashion magazines while in the US, and I still don't buy them as often as I could here. When I do buy them, it's mostly for pretty photos or fashions, because I don't consider fashion magazines to be a great reading material. Now that I lived in the UK, I find a great incentive to get them though, and that's the free samples or full sized products that are frequently included with a magazine.

The cool thing about these magazine freebies is that they frequently include high end stuff that I would never buy otherwise. In the photo above you can see three Benefit products, which normally would cost an arm and a leg for a full sized product, but only cost me £2 each for this sample. I got a chuckle out of the cashier when I brought three identical magazines to the checkout. I think I actually saw this same set on Sephora for $15, where I only spent  £6(around $10). 

It's not just make up, crafting magazines have craft projects in them, gardening magazines have seeds and planting wheels (calendar type things), home magazines will have plates. Sometimes I see tank tops, sunglasses or nail polish, other times it's a free book. Heck, I rarely buy magazines for the magazine itself, but instead choose them based on the freebie. 

I know when I'm back in the USA, I will really miss these magazine freebies.  

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