Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo shoot with Kenji - more traditional

 The second outfit I choose was more traditional. I had a kimono from Taisho era which was 165cm long which I snapped up precisely because of that, and the stripes of course, that I couldn't wait to wear. It is pretty decent in the wingspan too, and fairly wide too, so it was very easy to wear. Lets just say I'm really happy that I got this kimono!

For haneri I used the haneri I made back in December over at April's house, it's white silk with rhinestones snowflakes designs. Since our weather was all over the place in March, I felt like it was an appropriate not to winter that just wouldn't leave. The obi is my favorite black and white bamboo nagoya that I got from Hong. I also used a turtle brooch as an obidome, but you can't see it that well in photos. Still, it is there and it's super adorable!

Kenji took me to a small village on the way to Bury St. Edmunds that had a convenient phone booth location, meaning it wasn't near garbage bins like every other one around here, and it was in an open area. I've always wanted to take photos in kimono in the red phone booth, and now I have them!

I'm extremely happy with the phone booth photos, especially the very bottom one. I think that photo shows very well how one can still be sexy in kimono without having to show much skin at all! Or could it just be me that looks very sexy in kimono...? ;)

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  1. You look lovely in those colours ! Great phone boot pictures!