Monday, May 13, 2013

Kimono Photo Shoot Fundraiser

This year I got involved with the APAH again, and a lot more than in any year before. On May 4th Hong came over to help me with a big photo shoot fundraiser on base. We started around 9am on the day, and didn't finish until after 6pm. I don't really want to talk about the day as much, because it didn't start that well. Those who know me closely already heard all about it, so I don't want to repeat the whole things here. At the end everything worked out, and we raised almost exactly $450. We also learned many things for the next time, IF I ever decide to do anything like that again.

I'm especially thankful for the Japanese ladies that came and stayed the whole day, helping with undressing people, putting away kimono and promoting the fundraiser. Of course, the whole thing wouldn't have happened without Hong either, who switched her shift at work just so she can come and help me.

You can see some more photos in my Facebook album.

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